Specialty Certificate Examination in Respiratory Medicine

Preparing For the Specialty Certificate Examination in Respiratory Medicine – SCE

Press one of the blue buttons at the top of this page to work through a comprehensive collection of revision questions. The questions are in the same best of five format seen in the real SCE and covering all topics expected in the exam.

Answers with explanations and links to suggestions for further reading are provided, press SEE ANSWER after each question.

If you have prepared for the SCE you can use the questions as a MOCK EXAM by pressing next after each question and then submit at the end. You will then be given a score and the answers and explanations to all the questions will be available to you.

Tips for success in the SCE:

You won’t pass the exam on clinical experience alone. You need to know all the BTS and relevant NICE guidelines and familiarise yourself with guidelines from other societies such as the ATS and ERS (see our guidelines section). You need to keep up to date with the major journals such as AJRCCM, Thorax and ERJ (see our journal club section).

You need to do as many PRACTICE QUESTIONS as possible. By working through these you can recognise and address gaps in your knowledge and hone your exam technique.

Key Dates:

Date of next exam:    20 September 2017
UK Registration Period:  28 June – 24 August 2017
International Registration Period:   31 May – 12 July 2017

About the Speciality Certificate Exam (SCE):

It a compulsory component of the assessment for Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) for all UK trainees whose specialist training began in or after August 2007and passing it is required before entering the Consultant Grade in the UK. The exam comprises two three-hour multiple choice tests, each of 100 ‘best of five’ questions. It is delivered in computer-based format at a Pearson VUE test centre. Questions are asked about the diagnosis, investigation, management, and prognosis of patients and may contain illustrations and X-rays, CT scans etc.

Topics Covered:

An indication of the number of questions for each topic in the SCE is:
Asthma (5), COPD (20), Cystic Fibrosis (5), Diffuse Parenchymal Lung Disease (25), Imaging (20), Occupational and Environmental Lung Disease (10), Physiology (20), Pleural Disorders (15), Pulmonary Infections (20), Pulmonary Vascular Disease (15), Sleep Related Breathing Disorders and Hypoventilation (5), Thoracic Oncology (20), TB and opportunistic mycobacteria (10), Others – Ethics, Pharmacology, Statistics (10).

Make sure you are familiar with the speciality training curriculum.

Applying to sit the SCE:

Apply by setting up an online account with My MRCP(UK) online exam service.